NBA Live Mobile – How to scout opponents

NBA Live Mobile players can check out their opponent’s lineup and compare player cards’ attributes before starting a head to head match.

NBA Live Mobile head to head games take place between players with similar OVR. The game uses a common system of assigning players to divisions. This is done based on fans. When players take part in a PvP game, they get fans depending on how they’ve performed. The number of fans is then used to determine a player’s division. When players open the head to head interface from which they will choose their opponent, they only see players from the same division. The head to head map shows player’s level and their team’s OVR. To challenge someone, players need to tap on their name. It costs 5 stamina to play a game. Tapping on the Play button will not immediately start the match.

Before the game begins, players have the chance to view the opponent’s team. The two teams are displayed on two rows with own team on the first and the enemy team on the second. Players can see what player item card their opponent has. The OVRs are also displayed. For a more detailed comparison, players can tap on a card. The selected card will be matched against its counterpart in the opponent’s team. When tapping on a card, a screen that shows both cards’ attributes will open. Players can now find out all there is to know about their opponent.

The NBA Live Mobile division system makes sure that players will only have opponents that have a team of similar OVR. The scouting tool allows players to gain info on the enemy team and make adjustments before starting the game. After comparing cards’ attributes, players will maybe want to make some changes in their lineup. In general, cards with the highest OVR are preferred but when the OVR variation is not that significant it might be the attributes that make the real difference. On top of it all, it’s the player’s skill. Right now, there are lots of Season 1 veterans so games in lower divisions will be quite challenging. In addition to the guide of nab live mobile, the nba live mobile coins are also the important items for your playing, which can help you have a stronger team and to win more games to have more fun.